Sailing4U2 stands for training, theoretical and practical, and services for recreational boating and commercial yachting.

Sailing with family and friends becomes an awesome experience if you have the wright skills and proper preparation.

The intense cooperation between the crew mutually and the crew and skipper transforms a sailing trip into a teambuilding event.

Tailor-made private training, individual or group based, can be given on your own or hired sailing yacht.

Mooring in a controlled and elegant way look's a lot more appealing. Basic skills need to be practiced.

You need the knowlegde is a broad area.

A MOB (man over board) is something you should master and practice before you go out.

We aim to train, guide and assist people in a professional way.

Depending on your experience, goals and expectations you want to become a 'Competent crew', 'Dayskipper', 'Coastal Skipper' or 'Yachtmaster'.

Sailing4U2 is a certified RYA training centre . RYA is a worldwide known (UK) organisation with nautical training centers in many countries. RYA sets the standard for training in most areas for recreational boating and yachting, both for sail and motor, having developed a vast program. Years of experience have proven the system to be sound. Many other training centers and organisations copy (parts of) the system and use the same terminology. However they cannot deliver the certificate’s.

Boat transport or deliveries, your yacht up to 55 or 75 ft is sailed to a pre-arranged location , can be organised.

We can also make an offer for an interim skipper to go sailing with you, your clients and invitees.