Npt-Tower Bridge-Npt

St Katharina's Docks

04/6 --> 09/6/2019

Still 2 cabins available

Exact timing depending on the weather.

A two day trip to get from Nieuwpoort Belgium to Tower-Bridge.

A few days in the center of the city.

Two days to get back to Belgium.

More info on demand

Our sailing yacht 'TANACO'

42 ft Jeanneau - 3 cabin

Monday 03/6 evening :


Tuesday 04/6 (very early) :

We leave for Queenborough or

Thurrock (Thames)

Wednesday 05/6 :

Arrival @ St-Katherins Dock (Tower Bridge)

Visit  : City

Saturday 08/6 :

We leave when the tide is high (with a helping hand from the tidal stream ) and return with a possible stop in Queenborough (Thames estuary - the river Swale) to Nieuwpoort.

Sunday 09/6 : Arrival @ Nieuwpoort