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Nautical Training

Nautical training

Sailing is a passion and an art

In order to be able to enjoy a sailing trip, you should get proper training and/or assistance.


Safety, boat handling, preparing your trip, dealing with unexpected events, learning to be a skipper, meteo, ... are only a few aspects that will determine the success of your day or holiday at sea.



Boathandling under power

The training will focus on boat-handling under power in the marina and confined spaces.

Best is your regular crew is also attending the training (max 4 persons).

We can/will cover subjects (depending on the local circumstances ) like :

General stuff

  •  The 4 mooring lines
  •  Knots
  •  Throwing a line from your yacht

 Basic handling under power

  •   Forward; astern; propwalk; 
  •   Interaction between propwalk and rudder 
  •   Confined spaces : tight turning


Berthing and leaving 

  • Assessing the situation : 
    • 5 things to consider
    • signs, transits, 
  • Preparing the boat and the crew
    • communication
    • Onshore wind
    • Offshore wind
    • Stream
    • Alongside a pontoon/boat
    • A wall
    • Finger berth (box)
    • Bow thruster
  • Ferry gliding

For more details, planning and price information, please contact us

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