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Experience Builder on the North S

‘Making safe and enjoyable passages on coastal tidal water, during day and night’

Sailing area:  Oosterschelde and North Sea coast (tidal waters)

Boat: Jeanneau 42ft  Sailing4U2 or Wauquiez 40 C-MASTERS (Zeeland) 


This Experience Building Voyage is designed for those who enjoy sailing but are not very keen on intensive and long mile builder sailing trips. Instead, these students would like to experience new and sometimes challenging situations in a relaxed manner, and with coaching and support by one of our instructors.


Content of this experience builder

The content of the experience builder will be tailored to the students learning objectives, but as a basis will contain of:

  • Passage planning on tidal water. Every coastal trip requires a passage plan to avoid surprises underway.  We will teach you an easy practical method of preparing a coastal trip, including collecting relevant navigational details (e.g. tidal streams), applying the weather forecast, and working out a route.  
  • Making passages. We will use your passage plan to make a coastal trip. During this voyage, you will experience the effect of (sometimes strong) tide, experience crossing busy shipping channels, and enjoy sailing at sea. 
  • Navigation in the dark. Even if you are not intending to sail at night during normal sailing trips, you might one day find yourself in a situation where your passage is delayed and you need to navigate your way towards your destination in the dark. We will include some night time navigation, where you can practice orientating yourself using lights of vessels, buoys and the harbour. If time allows, we will use the radar as an extra means of position finding.
  • Manoeuvring under engine in harbours and through locks. When sailing your own boat or chartering a yacht, most stress on board and damage to boats does arrive in locks and in harbours (not on the water when sailing). We will focus on relaxed and confident power handling, including effective instructing of your crew.

The destination of the Experience Builder will be determined based on the learning objectives and the weather conditions.

Practical : see webshop

Cost : 575 Euro