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RYA Dayskipper

RYA Dayskipper

Sailing is a passion and an art

Dayskipper Shorebased (5 days + exam)

A comprehensive introduction to cruising for inexperienced skippers.

Included : Course pack; training almanac; 2 training charts; Dayskipper-Shorebased-certificat after (successfull) completion

This course equips you with enough knowledge to navigate around familiar waters by day.

A basic knowledge of lights is also included to introduce you to night cruising.

The course takes into account developments in technology and the electronic navigation aids now available on most cruising boats.

Use of a plotter (GPS) is an integral part of the Day Skipper shorebased course.

There are northern and southern hemisphere versions of the training materials. We provide the northern hemisphere course.

The course is taught over 40 hours with two exam papers.

A maximum of 12 participants/course is allowed. We prefer groups of approx 8-10, in order to give maximum support.

Course topics include:

  • the basics of seamanship
  • the essentials of coastal navigation and pilotage
  • chartwork
  • electronic charts
  • position fixing
  • plotting a course to steer
  • weather forecasting and meteorology
  • tides
  • collision regulations
  • construction, parts and equipment of a cruising boatemergency and safety procedures including distress calls,use of flares, safety harnesses, lifejackets and liferafts

Dates & Prices

See webshop or on demand.

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